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The most asked question to my new clients about money is? Is spiritual money really there 

Yes most frequently this is asked by new clients because they come without believing that spiritual money really exist and most people who have followed all the steps required have acquired this kind of money


In this field am going to explain what spiritual money real is and how and why it happens.

As it is always said money makes money spiritual money is always attracted by blood money money from your tears or money you have gained from your work.  This will involve many other steps which i wont explain here

This money is from most cases from your ancestors as an appreciation to what you have done to them since our ancestors are always seeing and monitoring everything we do.

In many cases they want to communicate to us but some people since they have no knowledge of what signs do they use they end up not communicating to them yet they may want to pass some vital message to there son and daughters.

They may pass through dreams or other signs

No ancestral spirit may want its daughter or son to suffer on this world that is why there is always an alternative of spiritual money


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